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Ways to Preserve and Use Garden Sage

I can experience Fall in the air, so I've been trimming back the herbaceous plants and harvest home their goodness before they decease back for the winter. The last couple of years I've been working on the sage. I have got dozens of it. I don't desire any of it to travel to waste, so here are some ways I am preserving it.

Sage Honey

Preserving sage in honey is a delightful and healthful manner to bask the sage all wintertime long. When I state it is delicious, I intend so delightful you just might desire to sit down down with a spoon and an unfastened jar and eat the whole thing! (Don't really make that… manner too much sweet for one sitting!)

Honey itself is highly anti-bacterial and be givens to pull wet to itself. When you compound honey with Sage, the honey will pull out the H2O soluble vitamins of the herbaceous works (due to it's irrigate drawing properties), and also the strongly fragrant and anti-infective volatile oils in the plant. The consequence is a sweet and delightful medicinal.

To do sage honey start with fresh sage and a little glass container (I used a pint size canning jar, but you can also utilize recycled jelly jars, etc). Pull off lone the unblemished sage go forths from the root and rupture these into littler pieces and fill up your container. Press it down and really fill up it — this takes quite a spot of herbaceous plant to do, so if you only have got a small sage, usage a littler container such as as a babe nutrient jar. When it is full, pour natural honey over the herbaceous plant to cover, and then utilize a chop up stick or other utensil to pigeon berry around to acquire the honey all around and under the herb. You will then probably have got to pour on more than honey to cover the herbaceous plant again. Fill the container all the manner to the top with honey, then cap tightly, set on a label with the name of the herbaceous plant and the date, and then sit down it on a shelf to "brew."

The honey can be used within the adjacent twenty-four hours or two, but the medicinal places will increase the longer it sits. Many wise women allow their honeys sit down for at least six hebdomads before consuming. You make not necessitate to take the herbaceous plant before using. To enjoy, just take out a spoonful of honey and herb, set it in a cup and pour boiling H2O over it for tea, or take a spoon full at a clip like a coughing sirup for a sensitive throat. You can also distribute it on toast, or any other manner you might utilize regular honey.

*Note: Make not give honey to children under 1 year. They cannot digest honey well adequate to kill potentially noxious spores that are establish in all honey. Older children and grownups make not have got this problem.*

Sage Vinegar

I started making herbal acetums last year. I have got establish my acetums to be fantastic for seasoning dark leafy leafy vegetable and other vegetables, and as a primary ingredient, along with olive oil, in salad dressings.

Consuming herbal acetums is really good for your os health, too. According to herb doctor Susan Weed, acetum splashed onto cooked leafy leafy vegetable additions the amount of bio-available calcium from the leafy vegetable by one-third. Herbs are wedge full of further minerals that also go readily available to your organic structure when they are infused in vinegar.

To do sage vinegar, start with fresh sage and a glass container. Pull off the unblemished leaves, rupture them into littler pieces, and fill up your container. Pour regular apple cyder acetum over (I purchase a gallon at a clip from the grocery shop store) and stir to take air, then pour more than to completely cover the herbaceous plant and fill up the container to the very top. Cap tightly with a non-metal top, and set a label with the name of the herbaceous plant and the day of the month on it. Vinegar eats metal! Bash not utilize a metallic element top. If all you have got is metal, set a plastic baggie over the top of the jar before screwing on the lid. The acetum is ready to utilize after six weeks. You can strive out the herbaceous plant and set it in a nice bottle with a branchlet of fresh herb, or you can just maintain it in the "brewing" jar.

Dried Sage Tea

A spoonful of dried sage go forths and boiling H2O will do a lovely tea anytime you desire a warm drink.

Different wise women dry herbaceous plants in different ways. One manner that I like is to tweak off the unblemished go forths and set them in a little brownish bag (lunch size). I revolve the sides of the bag down to do a small unfastened pouch, label the bag with the name of the herb, and then set the herbaceous plant in. Every twenty-four hours or two Iodine range in and stir the leaves of absence of absence around to go around air and advance even drying.

I like this method because it forestalls having a batch of different herbaceous plant packages hanging all around the kitchen dropping leaves and dust all over the place. I don't mind a few herbaceous plant bundles, but I have got got limited space, so I would soon have to fall back to wall hanging them from oculus hooks in the ceiling if I used that method exclusively! The brownish paper poke pouches can be sat anywhere I have got room for them, so they do it much easier to dwell with a batch of drying herbaceous plants in the house.

You can do honeys, vinegars, and teas out of many different herbaceous plants in just the same manner as you would sage. I be after to also do some of these with my Rosemary and Tarragon. You can experimentation freely with just about any culinary herb.

If you haven't yet grown any sage in your ain garden, but desire to experimentation with it, you can usually purchase fresh sage in the green goods subdivision of any grocery shop store. For best results, expression for organic. Apple cyder acetum is available from any grocery shop store. For honey, I urge finding a quality beginning for natural honey, as the heat energy processing of most commercial trade names destructs many of its healthy benefits. Health nutrient supplies usually transport honey in bulk, and there are also respective good online sources.

Well, making my honey, vinegar, and dried tea took attention of a batch of my sage harvest, but I still have got more! My adjacent article will be about making Sage Smudge Sticks, which are used much like tapers or incense in the home. Look for this and other articles on my website.

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